To become a biologist, no matter the specialization, you need to have computer skills!

Many students don’t realize this until it’s too late, and many face sociological barriers that stop you from obtaining computer skills (and therefore success) as a biologist. This is why we are hosting our workshop. We want you to gain computer skills while working with real biological data generated by Miami University Laboratories. At the same time, students will be provided tools necessary to overcome sociological barriers to success.

Thank you for registering!

We hit our registration limit for this year’s workshop.
We appreciate your interest and hope to see you on our Fourth CompSciBio Workshop on 2022!
Those who registered before 06/14/2021 will receive an email soon with instructions to select their courses of interest.

Our FREE workshop features:

• Multiple courses to choose from
• Real data from Miami University and University of Oklahoma laboratories
• Networking with students/ faculty
• One-on-one faculty assistance
• Assistance with career planning
• Certificate of completion